Website Designers Galway, Online Image Optimisation Tips

Website Designers Galway, Online Image Optimisation Tips

E commerce is growing at a rate of knots, driven by the Covid-19 virus and a massive migration of consumers to online shopping. As a result of this, corporate websites have become the key focus area in most business strategies.

Marketers know that the main goal of any website is to increase website traffic, provide users with a great user experience, leading to conversion and ultimately a sale. Web Designers Galway have all the required skills to fulfill customers needs of reliable and secure Web Design.

The key to achieving an increase in website traffic is the quality and relevance of the content that any website offers and one of the most important factors to consider in the equation is the images that we include in our content.

When it comes to the copy content on our websites, SEO is a matter that we often consider, but how many of us give thought to the importance of optimising our website images for SEO? read more about image optimizing at

Considering SEO optimisation is great, but so few of us actually have the necessary expertise. By appointing a specialized web design companies, you can ensure that your budget is maximised for ROI.

Website Designers Galway, Online Image Optimisation Tips

The following tips should be considered before you upload any images to your website:

Compress images to reduce file size

Google’s algorithms rank page loading-speed and a faster loading page is likely to rank higher than one that is slow. Graphic Design Galway recommends your images should be optimized to increase load speed and it is worth taking the time to compress images before uploading to your site. You can do this on Photoshop and there are various tools and plugins available to help you. learn more about image optimization using Photoshop by clicking here.

Choose the right format

Galway Website Design recommends that before adding images to a website, it is important to decide on the best file type. There are no ‘right formats’, but what matters is the kind of image and how you want to use it. The most common formats used on the web are:

PNG – will give you better quality images, but larger file sizes

JPEG – will give good results for larger images, with a relatively small file size

Feature unique images

If you want to achieve a high-quality user-experience, then it’s the quality and originality of your images that are sure to do the trick. Google picks up on quality and originality, so it is worth investing in generating your own content.

Image file names matter

The file name of the image is what alerts Google and other search engines to the subject matter of your image. You can improve the SEO value of an image by changing the file name from the default and writing descriptive keyword-rich file names.

Write SEO oriented alt text

Alt tags can be beneficial to your on-page SEO strategy.  If all areas of optimisation are in place, but an image fails to load for some reason, an alt tag allows users to identify what the image should be. If you do not want to go into these minor details you can always hire good web designing companies who can mange all this, read more about hiring web designing companies at

In addition, by adding appropriate alt tags and associating keywords to your images, you can help your website achieve better rankings.

Page title and description

As per recommendation by Web Design Galway,  the title tags and description tags are two of the most important factors that Google takes into account for SEO.

Google uses the title tag to determine the topic of a page, because it is the first thing that users see in search results and your description tag is viewed essentially as your first pitch to a potential customer.

Make images mobile friendly

Most people visit websites on their mobile phones these days. A website with a better mobile experience is ranked higher by Google search than a site that is not mobile friendly. Images will need to adjust to the size of the device, whether users are on mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Add images to your sitemap

Search engines read your sitemap file to crawl your website more intelligently. You can add images to an existing sitemap or create a new sitemap specifically for your images. This can help Google discover images that it might not otherwise find, and the result will be more traffic.

Website Design Galway

Your website is the flagship for your brand on the Internet and in order to maximise ROI it is important that you have a professionally driven SEO strategy in place.

Few people have the wherewithal to be able to develop and maintain such a strategy and employing the services of experts like Web Designers Galway is a pre-requite for success.

Galway Web Design are experts in SEO. They will work closely with you to develop a tailor-made SEO strategy, that will generate traffic and sales and a great ROI.

The Way Old Stuff

The Way Old Stuff

I had a semi-productive day today. I got work done for a couple of clients, put together a newsletter, and watched some speed skating!

Around 4 pm I was really feeling the lack of grown-up conversation and gave my BFF a call at work. I’m jealous that she can keep getting paid while I bug her on the phone, lol, and she probably wishes she could work in her pj’s! Despite the whole grass is the greener thing though, today I gave a lot of thought to the fact of how hard it is to work alone so much of the time. I’m pretty sure that over time I will get out to work more, but essentially I don’t see my business ever leading me to be a super social person. Most of my work requires me to really concentrate while at my computer, which doesn’t exactly lead to conversations even if you are working at Starbucks, but you have to start finishing the work learn more about it at

The Way Old Stuff

Sometimes I’m super grateful for the chance to work alone. I used to hate being interrupted at work by a chatty colleague right when I was getting down to business. But on the other hand, sometimes I loved having someone to share things with, both work and personal. So now, while I have plenty of online interaction opportunities, I miss working with other people. I miss conversations that are NOT about Mario, Luigi, or any other character in a Wii Mario Bros. game. I miss grabbing a quick coffee during a break, instead of having my toddler beg for a sip of my instant decaf. I think next year when two kids are in school I’m going to have to work harder at getting out of the house!!

You Have to Start to Finish

You Have to Start to Finish

Do you know how you finish something big? You have to Just Start! In between start and finish are a bunch of steps – simple, put one foot in front of the other, steps.

In September I’m running my first half-marathon. It’s a big goal for me, and a great race to finish off a year of athletic firsts. I won’t be super fast, but I sure as heck will be a lot fitter than I was last year at the same time. Actually, it was last fall that I decided I was done with being overweight and unfit, so it is particularly fitting that my half-marathon is in this year in the fall. Like a one-year celebration of a changed me! learn more about how old stuff works by clicking here

You Have to Start to Finish

I have had people in my life ask me how I fit in so much exercise into my busy schedule. Or friends who “wish” they could run or whatever but they just don’t have the time. We all have 24 hours in a day people I want to yell at them. I’m busy, who isn’t? But we also all prioritize differently.

It’s your choice to not find time to exercise or to choose something else that is important to you to spend your time on, but I actually find it almost insulting when people say they just don’t have time – I think I take it too personally, but I feel like they are saying they are too important to make time for the things I make time for. Probably because I feel a little lacking in being “at home” all the time, even though *I* know how full my days are with my work, my boys, etc. Anyway, my favorite response and tip to those who say they don’t know how to start or they don’t have time is to take just 10 minutes and get out and do something active. If I run for 10 minutes, I usually realize I can keep on going for another 20 or more. Starting is the hardest step, but to get to your goal, your finish line, you just need to start and then keep going!