Understand Digital Marketing in the Real World

Understand Digital Marketing in the Real World

Digital marketing just like any other forms of marketing is a way of connecting with and influencing customers online.

It creates a medium where you get to know your audience or customers and they get to know you personally.  This helps create your brand loyalty.

It also helps reach an enormous amount of clients while you get to pay less.

Examples of Digital Marketing

1.  Social Media Marketing

Is a free and organic way to use social media.  A great percentage of the world’s population is using social media as a way of connecting.  You can grab this opportunity and market your product and services.

2.  Digital Advertising

This another way of marketing your product and services. Digital Marketing Strategy runs on digital tools and platforms.  This will help you gain access to a massive range of audience.

3.  Content Marketing

Mostly use content assets e.g blog posts,  infographics, ebooks,  videos e.t.c to build brand awareness.  This in turn leads to sales.

Understand Digital Marketing in the Real World
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4.  Email Marketing

Is it one of the oldest forms of marketing and is still going strong? Most digital marketers advertise special deals using email marketing to highlight content or promote an event

5.  Search Engine Marketing

Is used to market products and services whenever one clicks the search buttons then their product automatically shows up.


This strategy ends up attracting more clients for the products and services you are advertising.

6.  Paid Social Media Adverts

Social media platforms e.g FacebookInstagramTwitter, LinkedInPinterest and Snapchat allows you to run ads on their platforms.

This is great for building awareness to the clients who might be visiting those sites

What a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Entails

1.  Visualize Clear Directions

You should be able to know and understand what your marketing and what kind of customers you’re targeting for your product

2.  Effective Content

Get to know how your content marketing is going to be received by the customers.  Make it as effective as possible for reception

3.  Create a Realistic Framework

When marketing your product and services,  make sure you’re very realistic with what you’re marketing and to the kind of customers you’re marketing to.

Create a Library of Evergreen Content

When marketing your product and services,  give your client a library of the benefits of what you’re marketing. This work helps attract more customers.

Some Benefits of Using Videos in Digital Marketing

1.  A Simple Video Makes a Big Difference

When marketing digitally,  the use of a simple video can make a big difference.  Giving an illustration of what you’re marketing creates more visual awareness to the customer.

Everybody wants to get proper know-how of anything they would spend their money on.

This video will tend to attract more clients which in turn will lead to more income.  Which better way is there to market your product and services than to go digital.

2.  Video for a Relationship, Not Just for Marketing

when making a video for marketing your products,  you get to attain two benefits.  You’re not just marketing your product and to get better sales,  but you also get to relate better with your website.

It’s more of a relationship platform than just a marketing platform.  Most people tend to buy products and services from people they feel they have a sense of relationship with.

Videos when used in marketing lets you get to know your audience or customers as they get to know you personally.  This helps create brand loyalty

3.  Video Email Versus Traditional Email

Emails are the form of marketing and have been growing strong over the years. There have been great improvements in email marketing with the introduction of new ways to attract customers. One of the most effective ways that have been embraced is the use of video emails.  It’s true to say that anything visual will capture your attention.

The use of videos emails captures attention and this leads to better marketing strategies in the sense of email marketing.


It’s true to say that digital marketing has become one of the most common ways of marketing.  This is because of the reality we are facing in today’s life since the world is embracing technology.  It has become cheaper and more efficient.